Don’t miss these warning signs when hiring an injury attorney in Bellevue

No matter whether it was a road rash incident in Bellevue that caused your injuries or if you were hurt on someone’s property, you should review the situation to see if you have a personal injury claim. The statute of limitations in Washington gives you three years to file a lawsuit against the party (s) responsible for your losses. If you are unsure of how to proceed ahead, consider seeking help from a capable legal team. We recommend you check the warning signs listed below when looking for a Bellevue personal injury attorney.

They don’t want to meet you in person

Fortunately, most injury lawyers in the city don’t charge anything to review potential injury claims. However, as a client, you should have the scope to meet the lawyer in person and discuss the facts of the case. While the lawyer’s team can listen to you on a call, you still need that appointment. If the attorney is not keen on a consultation session, look for other options.

They are ready to give a guarantee

No lawyer, regardless of how experienced they are, cannot give you a guarantee of the outcome. While injury lawyers take aggressive steps to protect the rights of their clients, they don’t have control over every aspect. As such, if you find someone who is ready to say things that are too good to be true, don’t trust everything at face value and check their work profile.

They are okay with inflating details

Whether it is your injuries or the circumstances surrounding the case, an injury lawyer shouldn’t lie or overstate details. It is against the ethics of the profession, and more often than not, such a strategy can backfire. Don’t agree to anything that is wrong on moral grounds.

They want a fee now

Your injury lawyer gets a share of your settlement, which means they need to recover money for you to claim their fee. If you are being asked to pay money for the work right away, it is certainly not a good sign. Also, it is always a good idea to discuss the expenses and other details in advance before you get an attorney on board.

They don’t have time

You should be able to contact and talk to your lawyer as required. An injury lawyer will share updates and must offer their contact info.

Get an attorney soon after your injury to start the legal process of recovering compensation.

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