When Can You Remarry After Divorce In India?

In the highly conservative Indian society, divorce is a “scar” that no one wants to have. Everyone who has never encountered the situation despises the term. Have you ever questioned why this occurs and what makes your marriage end in divorce? “You” is the clear and concise response to this. Yes! When you and your partner are forced to choose between ending your relationship permanently due to a variety of causes, you choose to lead your life in that direction. Also check the best divorce lawyers in bangalore here.

With the divorce, all of your rights and obligations to one another are eliminated, and you are no longer in charge of your partner’s life. Although this scenario may be painful for you, keep in mind that you are not alone and that you will soon return to your most cherished period of freedom, known as “Singlehood.” In this situation, the question of “how will you compromise to remarry after divorce?” arises. Studies show that it becomes challenging to trust people, uphold commitments, and envision a happy married life again, but life must go on.

What Does Indian Law Say About Remarriage Following Divorce?

Let’s speak about what the law in India says regarding getting married again after a divorce. Following the divorce decree, both parties must wait at least 90 days before tying the knot with another person or getting married once more.

Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, Section 15.

Divorce Decree.

Both parties have 90 days starting on the day of the divorce decree to file an appeal. If no appeal is filed during this time, either party is then free to get married again after the appeal period has expired.

Divorce by Consent Mutual.

However, there is no such restriction on getting married again after a divorce if the parties divorce amicably. This is because there is a very good reason for the divorce to have already been granted, and there is no need to later appeal. In this case, either divorced party may get married again at any time after the divorce is granted.

Then, what should you do while the appeals process is open?

It can be challenging to fully recover right away from the trauma of divorce. You don’t have to harbor unfavorable energy around you even though you may be emotionally wounded and intellectually exhausted after a divorce. You must feel good enough to move on from the divorce and concentrate on improving your life.

What Should You Do After This Conclusion?

The topic concludes that everything takes time and that you must wait for the proper thing to happen to you while it takes time. It is advised not to rush into things so soon if your previous marriage had the worst chances of success because you must be mentally and physically damaged. Just keep in mind that everything that has happened to you in life so far has been for a good reason.

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